Visual vs. Moisture Assessment Stucco Inspections

Many people request proposals from ICE Stucco Repair based on a recent stucco inspection. It is very important to know the difference between the two reports and where we stand in reference to both.

Moisture Assessment of Stucco

Everyone that buys a stucco home should obtain a proper moisture assessment inspection prior to agreeing on a price. For this inspection, your inspector will probe the walls and determine if you have a high moisture content as well as any compromised substrate or framing. To you, this means the stucco will need to be removed and repaired.

Visual Assessment of Stucco

If you choose the less expensive route, your inspector will only view the wall and advise of any visual deficiencies such as cracking, mildew, and inadequate sealants. You will not know what is happening under the stucco.

ICE Stucco Advantage

Obviously, the moisture assessment is very important. We will always provide a proposal based on the inspection report if it was performed properly. ICE Stucco will not provide a proposal based on a visual inspection as it leaves us open to liability. If we work on a wall that has damage, even if we are unaware of said damage, we could be held liable.
Do yourself a favor and have the correct inspection! Contact ICE Stucco today to schedule an appointment!