Proposals and Understanding How We Treat Them

On a daily basis, we receive requests for a proposal or estimate regarding stucco repairs. Real Estate Agents need them to know how to negotiate a purchase. Sellers need them to ensure their home is marketable. Homeowners need them to be able to maintain their largest investment. There are many reasons why someone is looking for a bid from ICE. 

Do You Charge for Estimates?

We provide very detailed repair estimates free of charge. On most occasions, we can accommodate your request in less than 24 hours. There are a few exceptions; Requests received after business hours on a Friday are typically addressed the following office workday, Monday. Our estimator will normally spend the early morning hours in the field reviewing work and meeting clients. The afternoon reserved for compiling bids. 

Do You Require a Property Visit?

Many people ask if we need to visit the property. The usual answer is no. The reason we do not require a site visit is that we cannot see behind the stucco walls. The inspection report that is provided to us tells us more than our eyes can see. Our many years of experience allow us to be able to utilize the inspection, Google Earth, HAR, and other sites to be able to gain the information we require to successfully bid a project. 

How Do Your Prices Compare?

Prices vary from contractor to contractor. We consider our pricing to be competitive and in accordance with today’s standards. Obviously pricing is the single biggest factor when selecting your contractor however, there are other things in which to consider. Experience, availability to complete the project, size of crews, training of manpower, ability to maintain a schedule, and of course, relationship with the client. 

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ICE offers our clientele experienced and well-trained management and workforce. We have enough manpower to be able to complete our jobs on time and on budget. When we begin a project we see it through before allowing the crew to move on. When you look around the city and see our ICE logo know that we are trusted because we perform at the highest level.

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