5 Recommendations for the Care and Maintenance of Your Stucco System: Part 3

Stucco Maintenance and Stucco Care in Houston

Are you unsure how to maintain your stucco home? Are you starting to notice mildew creeping up the wall? Did you notice a crack in your stucco siding? Don’t be overwhelmed–these are all important questions to ask when caring for your stucco system. 

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  1. When, where, and why to install sealants and maintain them
  2. How to care for your newly installed exterior balcony and terrace
  3. What to do when mildew attacks your stucco siding
  4. Why power washing stucco is a bad idea
  5. When are cracks in stucco something that requires attention

What to do when mildew attacks your stucco siding

The groundwork for mildew to attack has been laid with homes being built on zero lot lines and people beautifying their properties with lush landscaping. Unfortunately, the Houston humidity and lack of sun in certain areas make the moisture level in your lawn, shrubs, and trees increase. With an excess of moisture, mildew, or that annoying green staining, starts to appear on your exterior stucco.

Mildew is unattractive but if stopped ahead of time, it can be very easy to remove. The first thing to remember is to NEVER power wash your stucco home. Our stucco professionals have seen first-hand the problems that power washing can cause and we commonly perform stucco repairs on homes that have suffered water intrusion damage. Why introduce more water to your stucco siding, especially at a high rate of pounds per square inch? 

Recommendation: To clean the mildew from your stucco walls, we recommend that you use warm soapy water and a soft-bristle brush, similar to the type of brush that would be suitable for cleaning an automobile.

If you have really tough areas, maybe introduce some mild algae remover. We have used Simple Green cleaning solution in the past and it has worked well for mildew on stucco.

Pro Tip: Our stucco repair technicians recommend that you deal with the mildew early and stay on top of any future mold growth in the future. With the right stucco care, it can be a very manageable situation. 

However, if the affected area is too great of a task or simply too much work for you, give one of our professionals a call. We would be happy to help you!

Caring for Your Stucco Home

The benefits of taking care of your stucco can’t be overemphasized. These recommendations are a great way to ensure that you’re taking the right steps to clean and maintain your stucco home.

Do you still have questions about stucco maintenance? Connect with us for more stucco care practices.