5 Recommendations for the Care and Maintenance of Your Stucco System: Part 4

Stucco Maintenance and Stucco Care in Houston

Are you unsure how to maintain your stucco home? Are you starting to notice mildew creeping up the wall? Did you notice a crack in your stucco siding? Don’t be overwhelmed–these are all important questions to ask when caring for your stucco system. 

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    1. When, where, and why to install sealants and maintain them
    2. How to care for your newly installed exterior balcony and terrace
    3. What to do when mildew attacks your stucco siding
    4. Why power washing stucco is a bad idea
    5. When are cracks in stucco something that requires attention

Why power washing is a bad idea

Despite what might be said by DIYers, we strongly discourage the use of a pressure washer for cleaning your stuccoed wall. With rates as high as 243 miles per hour, a power washer’s strength is comparable to Category 6 hurricane winds. That kind of intensity isn’t safe for textured surfaces and will invariably destroy your stucco exterior. 

In our experience, even the lowest settings on your pressure washer can cause damage and prompt thorough stucco repairs. From water intrusion to mildew growth, a number of stucco problems can result from intense water pressure.

Recommendation: Never use a power washer to clean your stucco. Instead, use a garden hose or soft scrub brush. If you’re unable to clean your stucco safely or don’t have the supplies necessary, be sure to contact a professional stucco company for assistance.

Pro Tip: Pressure washing your stucco can lead to extensive water leaks. Even the smallest leaks can cause irreparable damages not only to your stucco but also to the foundation of your home.

Caring for Your Stucco Home

The benefits of taking care of your stucco can’t be overemphasized. These recommendations are a great way to ensure that you’re taking the right steps to clean and maintain your stucco home.

Do you still have questions about stucco maintenance? Connect with us for more stucco care practices.