5 Recommendations for the Care and Maintenance of Your Stucco System: Part 1

Stucco Maintenance and Stucco Care in Houston

Are you unsure how to maintain your stucco home? Are you starting to notice mildew creeping up the wall? Did you notice a crack in your stucco siding? Don’t be overwhelmed–these are all important questions to ask when caring for your stucco system. 

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  1. When, where, and why to install sealants and maintain them
  2. How to care for your newly installed exterior balcony and terrace
  3. What to do when mildew attacks your stucco siding
  4. Why power washing stucco is a bad idea
  5. When are cracks in stucco something that requires attention

When, where and why to install sealants and maintain them

With the large amount of rain and high humidity in the Houston area, it’s important to guard your stucco against any type of moisture. If moisture is able to get inside the wall cavity of your stucco, it can saturate your substrate and damage it over time. 

Pro Tip: By properly maintaining your stucco sealants, you can help prevent moisture intrusion. 

Recommendation: Apply a high-grade, low modulus polyurethane caulk every two to two and half years to all windows, doors, terminations between stucco walls and dissimilar materials, hose bibs, electrical outlets, pool equipment and any and all items that have been mounted to your stucco wall. 

Caring for Your Stucco Home

The benefits of taking care of your stucco can’t be overemphasized. These recommendations are a great way to ensure that you’re taking the right steps to clean and maintain your stucco home.

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