Cracking in Stucco

Cracking and mottling is a perfectly normal occurrence in your stucco finish. Cracking is caused by two main factors; The first is water intrusion and the second is structural movement. 

Water Intrusion

When the wood under your stucco becomes wet, it will swell. The swelling will obviously create movement in the wall. Excess moisture will cause visible cracking. Cracks that become large enough for a credit card to fit should be addressed as soon as possible. Those cracks are large enough to allow more water to infiltrate. 

Structural Movement

Texas homes will expand and contract through seasonal changes. When this occurs hairline cracks may become present. This is expected and this is normal. In most cases, you will not have to address these small cracks. It is advisable to monitor them and if they become large enough to put a credit card in, then it is time to address them. Prior to that, if you need peace of mind, you could consider painting your wall. 

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