An Important Message from ICE Stucco Repair in Houston

During this time of unprecedented unrest in our country, we wanted to let our clients and future clients know what we are doing to work within the guidelines of our local governments.

Due to COVID-19 there are stay at home orders for Houston and surrounding counties. Many essential jobs have been exempted. Being a residential construction company, ICE Stucco Repairs is one of them. We have exemption letters and we are free to assist our clientele with their required repairs.

In an effort to observe social distancing we are taking the following measures:

  • There will be no customer contact. While it seems impersonal to shake a hand, for the next few months we will simply acknowledge our gratitude and how nice it is to meet you with a smile and words.
  • Our crew size will not exceed five at any time. This will allow one of the managing partners to be able to handle our site visits and also allow up to four occupants to be present without exceeding a group size of ten.
  • We are keeping crew integrity. The same crew stays together every day without the addition or deletion of anyone.
  • No one enters the residence at any time. If we cannot reach an area such as a rooftop terrace, we will simply reschedule the project until such time as we can safely and effectively work.
  • Lastly, we will observe six or more feet of social distancing at all times.

We hope and pray that every one of you will stay healthy and safe. We truly are all in this together and within time, this too shall pass.