5 Recommendations for the Care and Maintenance of Your Stucco System: Part 2

Stucco Maintenance and Stucco Care in Houston

Are you unsure how to maintain your stucco home? Are you starting to notice mildew creeping up the wall? Did you notice a crack in your stucco siding? Don’t be overwhelmed–these are all important questions to ask when caring for your stucco system. 

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  1. When, where, and why to install sealants and maintain them
  2. How to care for your newly installed exterior balcony and terrace
  3. What to do when mildew attacks your stucco siding
  4. Why power washing stucco is a bad idea
  5. When are cracks in stucco something that requires attention

How to care for your newly installed exterior balcony and terrace

Did ICE Stucco professionals recently install a new balcony or rooftop terrace for you? If so, the proper flashing, waterproofing, beautiful new tiles, and very small grout lines have been installed. Fortunately, the tiles themselves are non-porous and do not need to care for at all. 

The only maintenance required is to make sure that your grout lines are sealed. Our stucco experts sealed your grout at the time of installation, but the next scheduled sealing will be up to you. Sealing grout lines is not a difficult or time-consuming project. It only takes a few minutes.

Pro Tip: If you have a rooftop terrace or a balcony that gets full exposure to the sun, we recommend that you seal your grout lines every 90 days. If you have adequate coverage, you can wait as long as 180 days. 

Recommendation: Go to your local home supply store and purchase a one-gallon bug sprayer. In addition, purchase a quality grout sealer. You can’t go wrong with DuPont sealer. Simply fill the sprayer with the sealer and then spray the grout lines. Do not worry if it gets on the tiles-it will not hurt them one bit. Once you have sprayed all of the grout lines, you can leave the sealer in the sprayer and store it away for the next time. This is a quick and easy requirement to fulfill. If you have any questions about how to take care of your balconies or rooftop terraces,  you can always give us a call

Caring for Your Stucco Home

The benefits of taking care of your stucco can’t be overemphasized. These recommendations are a great way to ensure that you’re taking the right steps to clean and maintain your stucco home.

Do you still have questions about stucco maintenance? Connect with us for more stucco care practices.